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Sober Living Home in Warren, MI

Alcohol and Drug Free Environment for Recovery

Located in Warren, Michigan, our sober living home can help you recover from drug and alcohol abuse and get you on the road to recovery.  We have programs to help you transition from rehab and other situations, to get you back on your feet with help with your spiritual, mental and physical self.

``A Team Together, Everybody Achieves More``

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Giving You The Tools To Succeed
  1. Meeting Your Spiritual And Motivational Needs

    Our progressive environment gives you the freedom to practice your spirituality independently but also as part of an inclusive, understanding group..

  2. Meeting Your Physical Needs

    Focusing on your health and welfare, getting you the services you need to create your new life.

  3. Creating Your Independent Life

    Giving you a well-rounded program that is self-focused on your independent recovery and giving you the life you deserve.

Hey my name is Eric Johnson and I live on Republic 7551 I wanted to tell you about this guy who saved my life which his name is Frankie I never thought in a million years that a junkie like me who has been on drugs for 24 years whatever B clean but this guy Frankie gave me hope and made me think differently about my life I’m 48 years old and I have been locked up almost half of my life and the other half on drugs let’s just say I never knew that people will have love and support for a guy like me but Frankie he is a guy that will help anyone he never gives up on anyone he would go out of his way to help anyone who wants to be help and sometime people who just as blind like I was and he will show you a different way a positive way to live Frankie has been through a lot and I know that things can happen good in your life  because I have seen things happening good for him to let me know for a fact that you can have love for people and help people who doesn’t have anyone to turn to because till this day Frankie is still helping people and I know he would never give up until the day he died I’ve been clean 3 years now because of Frankie support and help and love my life begun to be the best life that ever could happen to a guy like me and it’s all because of Frankie who has open my eyes and heart to see that life is more better without drugs and alcohol and gang activity and Penitentiary and negativity this brother showed me that you can have a open heart and still have love for people who have done you wrong and to forgive and to still love and to help people when you can this brother than taught me all those things and not my life has grown in a positive way and I thank you for that Frankie and I love you brother

“When I first met Frankie I was sober I was sober for about 11 month life got very over whelming for me  bills, girlfriend, kids, job, no meetings, stop calling my sponsor and I didn’t need anyone’s help I had it and I had a resentment against God because he took my mom had lots of excuses so I drink and spent about $1800 hundred dollars in 3 to 4 day period and was homeless after that I was on probation and had 2 warrants for my arrest and I was in lots fear.  So a few day later I met Frankie again and he asked me what was wrong I told him I relapsed he said okay man we going to get you some help but first we got to pray so we did he told me to pour out all the liquor I had and I poured it all out then he made some phone call to get some help it was hard and first-time I really won’t to give up and Frankie told me God is good to be patient they’re going to call back about five minutes later they called back and said they had a bed hope Frankie and his wife took me to detox that was 4-17-19 of last year he helped.

Today I have 18 months sober because have he told me to stick to the plan and the plan was to stay sober all the warrants are cleared up I have a job I’m living in a three-quarter house and I’m still sticking to to the plan God Frankie and his wife saved my life because if they wouldn’t have stepped in my consequences would have been great now I’m working the step with a step and helping reaching out to other people like Frankie did and I don’t forget were I came from meetings are important zoom meeting and in house meeting to it take to time and patience honesty Trust service God and other people and I’m still thanking Frankie for helping me plan.”

Serenity Prayer


Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

About Our Center

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``I Can't, We Can``

A group approach to your recovery is what our focus is to help you discover your best self.

Giving you a supportive, proactive environment to learn, grow and experience life in a new, more productive and healthy way.

``Recovery Happens One Day At A Time``

A twelve step environment and recovery process is the best and most accepted form of recovery for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Offering services to both, our counselors and group living provides peer support and affirmation to continually reinforce sober living and recovery, One Day At A Time.

``Group Support is The Fastest Way To Recovery``

Experience and know-how with group leaders that have "been there - done that" and understand that not every situation is the same and that your individual needs should be addressed with respect and caring.

Making sure that you work toward your goals and getting yourself back on your own two feet, instead of someone doing it all for you is important to making sure that feeling of accomplishment and responsibility that you get when you take your first steps in your new life.

``Teamwork Makes The Dream Work``

The light that shines is the light that guides you to your success in recovery. Once the light turns on there is no turning back. You deserve that new life.  You deserve another chance.  A new life, a new future.  One that you control and are the master of.  Nobody can tell you what to do, but you will know it in your heart if this is your best option for you.

Only you can take action and trust that your best interest is what we want for you.  That is a new life, free of drugs and alcohol. A life filled with meaning and purpose, that no one and nothing can take away from you.

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